5/5 - Customer Service was awesome!!! and getting the service installed in a couple of days after the time we met with the sales rep was just a bonus! We didn't have to wait the 2 weeks that was initially communicated to us so we were super happy about how everything transpired. The internet itself is appears to be very efficient and fast.
-June M
5/5 - Installation was easy - technician was courteous and gave great information. I live in the country and was very worried about how well it would work - so far I have had no trouble at all - speed is fast and I do not lose connectivity.
-Tammy R
4/5 - Has been working great. I have had it for about two months and has only gone out two times and I called right away and got it fixed. I live way out in the county so that's okay! Only thing I wish was different was the price!! My neighbors pay way less with other company's I'm just scared to change because I want good wifi.
-Ciarra H
4/5 - The best option for rural internet. Not always the best speeds, but better than most.
-Adam H
2/5 - I would appreciate the service more if it actually told me when maintenance or problems were going on, so I didn't have to wait 15 minutes or more to open up a page of google search results.
-Tyler J