Many satellite services are very expensive in comparison to Bug Tussel plans while usually also boasting slower speeds and higher latency. Latency is the time it takes between you taking an action on the network (such as making a search on your search engine) and the time that you get a response (the network sends the search results). In other words, your request has to fly up to space and reach the satellite for it to shoot the signal to another server on earth that has the information you need and then bring that signal back to the satellite in space and then send it back to your device on earth once more all while handling similar requests from other people on the network. Combine this with the small amounts of data it can receive and send each time (usually depicted in Mbps) and your tasks take forever. Bug Tussel services feature high-speeds and low latency for a seamless experience where you don’t have to wait around for your data to learn to be an astronaut before