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Email Basics

Learn what email is, how it works, and how to stay safe while using it. We’ll have computers available for you to sign up for, read, and send emails. You’ll leave the class with your own email account and with the knowledge to use it! If you already have an email address, bring your login credentials to log in to your email on our computers!

Extra, Extra! Get Your News Online!

Learn how to access local and national news from reputable online sources. We’ll teach you how to search for news online, which apps you can download on your phone, and how to set up personalized news settings.

Facebook for Beginners

Learn the basics of how to use your Facebook profile in this hands-on class provided by Bug Tussel University. Learn how to sign up, like, post, and comment. We will provide guidance on keeping your information secure. If you already have a Facebook account, come to the class with your username and password information so you can log in to your account on one of our computers.

Fun With Photos

Learn what to do after you have taken a photo on your smartphone, including how to upload photos to social media sites, send your photos to loved ones, and save the photos you take. You will also learn how to download and save photos that were sent to you or that you found online. Finally, we will show you how to crop, filter, and manipulate your photos using your phone’s built in editing software. Bring your smartphone with you for some hands-on practice.

How Does Technology Affect Your Health?

Does technology affect your health? Learn about the effects of certain types of technologies on your physical and mental health, whether every-day technology is safe to use, and how to stay healthy while using technology. We’ll cover health concerns regarding Wi-Fi, 5G, social media, and news and offer practical tips to stay healthy in our modern world!

How the Heck Does Wi-Fi Work?

Learn the basics of how wireless internet works, what a wireless network is, and how a wireless network is created. We’ll share the difference between home and public Wi-Fi, and we’ll offer tips for you to get a better Wi-Fi connection.

How to Video Chat

Learn how to use and navigate multiple video chat platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, and Google+, on your phone, computer, or tablet! We’ll cover basic steps, how to manage video chats, and more.

Intro to Bug Tussel

Learn about Bug Tussel Wireless. We’ll give an overview of the history of our company, our services, and Bug Tussel University, our educational department. We’ll give a brief introduction to our most popular courses, including: What The Heck is Fiber Internet?, Internet Basics, Email Basics, Internet Safety, and more!

Keep Your Tech Appy: How to Install and Uninstall Apps

Do you have an app or a program on your computer or phone that you want to delete? Is there a new app or program that you want to install, but you aren’t sure how? Learn how to install and uninstall apps on your phone, computer, and tablet.

Online Shopping

Learn how to shop online while keeping your information safe. We’ll offer a brief overview of how to shop online, with a focus of how to stay safe while making online purchases. Regardless of the websites you use to shop online, learn what red flags to look for and how to avoid scams.

Internet Basics

Learn how the internet works, where it comes from, and how to navigate online.

Smartphone Basics

Did you know that your smartphone has GPS, SIM card, and Bluetooth capabilities? Not only do smartphones allow you to make calls and send texts, but they also allow you to send and receive emails, browse the web, download apps, and organize your personal life! Learn how to take advantage of these many useful features and what your smartphone can do for you. Android and iPhone users are welcome. Bring your phone with you!

Internet Safety

Improve your internet safety with this course provided by Bug Tussel University. You’ll learn about password management, how to increase your safety while browsing the internet, how to keep your privacy secure on social media, and more. We’ll also explain cookies, spam, phishing, and antivirus protection.

Intro to Fiber Internet

Find out what fiber internet is, how it works, its benefits, and why it matters.

Search Smarter: Improve Your Internet Searching Skills

Get tips on how to improve your internet searches. We’ll offer tips on how to find information online and give hands-on opportunities for you to practice your searching skills with our computers.

Snapchat for Beginners

Learn the basics of how to use your Snapchat including signing up, posting, sending snaps, and using filters. You’ll also learn tips on keeping your information private and secure. If you already have a Snapchat account, come to the class with your username and password information so you can log in to your account on one of our computers.

Tech Help

Have tech questions? Drop in to get one-on-one help with your questions about computers, internet, email, social media, your device, or other technology. If you have a question about a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, bring it with you! We can help with any basic tech questions and will always give our best effort at answering more advanced questions as well! Drop in at any time during the session. Assistance provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

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