Warehouse Assistant

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PAY:  FULL TIME/HOURLY – $22-$26/Hour – Based on Experience


The primary role of the Warehouse Assistant includes the receiving and processing of incoming stock and materials, picking and staging materials, managing and organizing warehouse.


  • Assist with receiving, unloading, counting and stocking physical inventory in the warehouse and remote yards.
  • Inspect items to ensure they’re not damaged or faulty and adjust inventory accordingly.
  • Organize warehouse and work areas for orderliness at all times.
  • Maintain safe and clean work environment by keeping shelves, inventory space and work stations neat; sweep and vacuum.
  • Open boxes, crates and other containers.
  • Ensure materials are processed efficiently.
  • Operate Material Handling Equipment (Forklift, Telehandler, Skid Steer).
  • Pick, Stage, and Label materials for projects.
  • Pack and Load materials according to specified guidelines.
  • Perform inventory on all materials in the warehouse and remote yards.
  • Monitor and maintain stock accuracy by ensuring physical stock is in line with the inventory management system.
  • Assist with Purchasing materials as needed.
  • Assist with Pickup and Delivery of materials as needed.
  • Constantly work to improve current processes.
  • Make suggestions for productivity improvements.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other team members.
  • Train and guide new warehouse workers.


  • High school degree or GED or the equivalent education and experience
  • Valid driver’s license
  • CDL license preferred or the ability to obtain one
  • License or certification to operate material handling equipment as needed
  • Able to pass drug test/background check
  • Physically able to stand, sit, move, squat, walk, and climb during the course of the shift
  • Physically able to lift up to 75 pounds or more
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Familiar with ERP and WMS software
  • Attention to detail with an emphasis on accuracy
  • Highly organized and able to work independently
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