Steve Schneider, son of a Manitowoc County dairy farmer and a Cellcom Executive for ten years, developed Bug Tussel Wireless in 2003. Steve was distressed by the lack of attention that rural areas received from cellular providers. He developed the vision and mission to align with the desire to provide service in rural markets with as little as 2 to 5 households per square mile. This economic model was to provide internet service in rural areas where larger carriers chose not to provide service or could not provide service from an economic or company objective standpoint.

A subsidiary of Hilbert Communications, at Bug Tussel we are bringing the best of Internet technology to rural Wisconsin. With Steve Schneider at the helm, we continue to successfully pursue this passion with our high-speed internet service offered throughout Wisconsin’s rural communities. Bug Tussel should be your choice if you are looking for internet service that is absolutely world class, backed by reliable support and service. Bug Tussel believes in delivering high speed internet options to rural areas providing an even playing field for all internet users despite where they live.

Take a look at some of the great reasons why our Wisconsin customers simply love our internet service:

  • World class high-speed internet at a price that is light on your wallet
  • We believe super speed internet doesn’t need to come with a whopping bill. Sign up for a Bug Tussel high speed internet plan and you can zoom along cyberspace at warp speed without burning a hole in your pockets. Contact your Regional Representative!

Our passion for serving rural communities in Wisconsin

Today there are many providers expanding coverage to rural areas to take advantage of special subsidies. But, at Bug Tussel, our rural communities have always been our focus. Our foray into Wisconsin’s rural areas was driven by our keen enthusiasm to serve the folks here and this has not changed. We started out bringing high speed internet to areas where others can’t or won’t and our mission remains the same.

Thinking Outside the Box

Bug Tussel prides itself in providing internet and cellular coverage to places that most don’t think possible. Sometimes, they decide it isn’t even worth trying, but Bug Tussel feels differently. We provide many custom solutions to our customers to get them the service they deserve, wherever they might be. From miniature towers to wireless bridges and more, Bug Tussel technicians will inspect your residence or business and tell you exactly what is required to get you the service others said was impossible.

Bringing high speed internet right to your doorstep

Our unique delivery approach is one of the features that makes our service so convenient for our customers. If you’re ready for internet, give us a call and our sales representative will schedule a site evaluation to measure the signal at your residence and discuss which of our plans will best suit your needs. Our locally based sales reps are truly ‘Out there’ in your community ready to give a helping hand. We are committed to bringing quality, high-speed internet service to the rural areas around Wisconsin. Just click here to see if Bug Tussel covers your area or let us know here if you are currently outside our coverage area and would like to host a tower on your land. We are keen to know where our services are needed most so that we can prioritize our expansion plans. Our team will contact you if your area comes under our coverage.

Red Tail Tower LLC

Since 2010, Bug Tussel’s sister company, Red Tail Tower LLC, has erected monopole, guyed and self-support towers throughout the Midwest. Our staff has long tenures in the tower erection business. Each crew member is trained in design drawing evaluation, site preparation and field assembly. We comply fully with OSHA and all applicable standards and codes (industry, federal and local). Our attention to detail ensures each antenna and line installation is performed properly and in accordance with customer and manufacturer specifications. We also have the experience to handle all maintenance requirements needed to return a tower to operation.

Who is Buford J. Tussel?

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