About us

Founded on a mission

Bug Tussel Wireless was established in 2003 by Steve Schneider, son of a Manitowoc County dairy farmer and former Cellcom Executive. Being a country boy, Steve was distressed by the lack of attention that rural areas received from cellular providers. He developed the vision and mission to align with the desire to provide service in rural markets with as little as 2 to 5 households per square mile. This economic model was to provide internet service in rural areas and grow a network of towers to deliver a service that outperforms some metropolitan areas.

To facilitate this growth, Steve started a sister company, Red Tail Tower LLC, that has erected monopole, guyed and self-support towers throughout the Midwest. Our attention to detail ensures each antenna and line installation is performed properly and in accordance with customer and manufacturer specifications. We also have the experience to handle all maintenance requirements needed to return a tower to operation.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • Empower Underserved Communities
  • Ensure State-of-the-Art Service
  • Engage Customers Above and Beyond

Our Vision

Provide high-speed internet service to underserved and unserved areas.

We honor those who serve

Veterans & Active Military

At Bug Tussel, we are proud to work alongside our very own Bug Tussel veterans everyday to further rural internet service. Both within and “out there” we are dedicated to showing support for active military and veterans. Thank you to all who have served! Bug Tussel is proud to honor active military and veterans by offering 15% off your monthly internet fee with our Affinity Discount. Your honor, courage, and commitment deserve gratitude. You can learn more about this offer by calling 1-877-227-0924. Our customer service associates are always happy to help you and your family find a plan that fits your needs.