About us

Why should you have to live in the city to enjoy high speed internet?

Your needs matter too! For 20 years, we haven’t been afraid to go where others can’t or won’t. Enjoy all the benefits of rural living and none of the drawbacks with Bug Tussel Internet! Save big with high-speed, low-cost internet so you can put more value back into everything else you enjoy. There are no data caps which means no limitations on working, studying, streaming, and gaming! With speeds up to 1 Gbps, you can expect fast downloads and a stable connection no matter what your needs are! We offer an easy installation process, and our customer service is always prepared to assist you. If you’re not ready, no rush, Bug Tussel Internet is always ready when you are!

The oddest name in high speed rural internet

A subsidiary of Hilbert Communications, Bug Tussel brings the best of Internet technology to rural MidWest communities. Our goal is to deliver internet service in rural areas where larger carriers chose not to provide or could not provide service. We pride ourselves on high-speed, reliable, secure internet with no data limits or contracts. We support customers with excellent, local customer service and challenge our installers to secure the best wireless internet signal for our loyal customers. Even to locations that were deemed impossible, we will install the receiver tower technology to make our customers happy.

We honor those who serve

Veterans & Active Military

At Bug Tussel, we are proud to work alongside our very own Bug Tussel veterans everyday to further rural internet service. Both within and “out there” we are dedicated to showing support for active military and veterans. Thank you to all who have served! Bug Tussel is proud to honor active military and veterans by offering 15% off your monthly internet fee. Your honor, courage, and commitment deserve gratitude. You can learn more about this offer by calling 1-877-227-0924. Our customer service associates are always happy to help you and your family find a plan that fits your needs.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Words we stand by in any community.

Our MISSION is to create an organization that is recognized as being “out there” providing services that work well and employees who go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers. We strive to have customers who are engaged in an experience that is fun and gives them the services they desire, stakeholders who get an adequate return on their investments of time or money, and communities that find Bug Tussel to be integral to their success by creating tools for economic development.

Our VISION is to provide “state of the art” communication services and infrastructure to rural, unserved, and underserved communities of the Upper Midwest that allow our communities to compete on a level playing field with all other markets.

Founded on a mission

Bug Tussel Wireless was established in 2003 by Steve Schneider, son of a Manitowoc County dairy farmer and former Cellcom Executive. Being a country boy, Steve was distressed by the lack of attention that rural areas received from cellular providers. He developed the vision and mission to align with the desire to provide service in rural markets with as little as 2 to 5 households per square mile. This economic model was to provide internet service in rural areas and grow a network of towers to deliver a service that outperforms some metropolitan areas.

To facilitate this growth, Steve started a sister company, Red Tail Tower LLC, that has erected monopole, guyed and self-support towers throughout the Midwest. Our attention to detail ensures each antenna and line installation is performed properly and in accordance with customer and manufacturer specifications. We also have the experience to handle all maintenance requirements needed to return a tower to operation.

The bug that started it all

Name: Buford
Birth Date
: September 27th, 2003
: Bug Tussel, Tennessee
: Bug Tussel High School, Degree from Bug Tussel University (BTU)
Current Location
: Midwest
: Spokesbug for Bug Tussel
Marital Status
: Single (But looking)
: 143
Favorite Color
: Orange
Favorite Food
: Sloppy Joes
Favorite Beverage
: Orange Soda
Favorite Holiday
: Groundhog Day
Astrological Sign
: Libra
Eye Color
: Green
Favorite College Team
: Bug Tussel University (BTU)
Favorite Professional Team
: Green Bay Packers