Truly Unlimited

Bug Tussel is unique in that we offer truly unlimited data. Unlimited data is exactly what the name suggests, an internet plan that offers you no cap on data usage. It means you don't have to worry about going over your data limit and spending more each month giving you the freedom to use as little or as much data as you like.
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Serving Rural

Bug Tussel’s mission, since 2003, is to provide and expand high-speed internet and cellular coverage into rural communities across Wisconsin. We are engaged with local communities to be an integral part of creating tools for economic development.
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Where Others
Can’t or Won’t

Bug Tussel brings high-speed internet options right to your doorstep. We can schedule site evaluations and provide unique solutions to provide internet coverage in places that others can’t and won’t.
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All high-speed internet plans come with Truly Unlimited Data, No Data Caps, and Zero Contracts.

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Serving Rural Wisconsin, Michigan, & Beyond

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Rural Households

Whether you surf the internet, email, watch UHD 4K video, browse social media, game online, work from home, stream music, or use multiple smart home devices, Bug Tussel has products and services that fit your needs and budget.
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Small Businesses

Bug Tussel supports small businesses and would like to partner to promote your small business and to support those looking for high-speed internet in your community.
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Public Government Bodies

Bug Tussel responds to community petitions for service and engages counties and municipalities through grant processes, partial funding opportunities, and other ways of creating meaningful engagement in funding projects.
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The Proof is in the Numbers

As Bug Tussel continues to expand and grow, we continue to improve our internet technologies. This allows us to continue our mission of providing quality, high-speed internet services to rural communities throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

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Military Discount

To show our gratitude and appreciation, any Veteran or Active Military personnel will receive a 15% monthly bill credit on all Bug Tussel Wireless Internet plans. Sign Up Today by calling our sales team at 833.288.7735.
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