Host a tower

If you are outside of our tower range, you can host a tower. Many customers have chosen this option and for good reason. By hosting a tower, you receive many great benefits:

  • High speed internet, literally on your doorstep

  • Recurring annual income
  • Bring cost-effective and reliable broadband internet to your community
  • Assist your local community with staying economically vibrant
  • Zero out of pocket costs

Are you interested in hosting an internet tower?

Bug Tussel is dedicated to serving rural communities and will prioritize areas where we see a significant demand. If you feel that the area you live in needs better internet service and you own land, you can contact us about hosting a tower on your property to help serve your community.

Host a Tower
Proposed Site Address/Coordinates/Location
Proposed Site Address/Coordinates/Location
Does the land have electricity?
Does the land have vehicle access?
Have you been referred by a Bug Tussel Wireless Regional Representative or Independent Sales Rep?
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