About Wireless Internet

What is Wireless Internet?

Wireless internet technology uses radio waves to send internet signals through the air. Most of the time, wireless signals are sent from equipment located on a tall tower, through the air, to a limited radius surrounding the tower. In some cases, line-of-sight from the tower to the destination is required to ensure quality internet service.

Benefits of Wireless

Wireless technology offers many benefits!

  • Reliable Speeds
  • Multiple Devices

  • Quality Service

Wireless Locations

Bug Tussel has wireless infrastructure already live in select locations and continues to expand to additional locations. In your neighborhood, there might be plans to add a new site, construction for a new site already underway, or even live wireless internet service! To find out if you’re eligible for wireless service, reach out to us!

Bug Tussel fixed wireless available in select areas. Subject to change.

How a Wireless Network is Built

Building a wireless network involves a significant amount of time, investment, and planning. The wireless network needs to be planned, funded, designed, permitted, constructed, connected, tested, and turned on.

Wireless Network Timeline

In most cases, it can take years to build a wireless network. From planning to construction to connections and finally, to going live, each of these steps in the process can take a significant amount of time, especially when unexpected delays are involved.

Since a wireless network is usually built one site at a time, sites can sometimes be turned on and offer live service within their radius before other sites in the network are ready, which allows service to be turned on location by location.

The most visible part of the process is the construction of a tower site. After construction of a new site is complete, it could take another few months or more before service is live. This is because it takes time to complete the steps following construction, including installing equipment, making connections, testing, and turning on the network.

Wireless Plans

Bug Tussel offers a selection of wireless internet plans for your needs. Click the button to learn more!