Broadband Solutions Underway in Waushara County!

By Published On: August 11, 2022Categories: NewsComments Off on Broadband Solutions Underway in Waushara County!

Bug Tussel is proud to be partnered with Waushara County through a grant that was issued in winter of 2021 for a broadband solution project. The project, ROAD to Digital Equality: Waushara County, is designed to equip Waushara County with a fiberoptic backbone network and wireless access through rural areas.

Bug Tussel currently has 17 towers on-air in the county and will install 11 towers and 108.7 miles of fiber within 1-3 years, with options for expansion available as agreed upon by Bug Tussel and the county. The fiberoptic ring will be a part of the 2,000+ miles of fiberoptic cable that is currently being deployed by Bug Tussel throughout rural areas of Wisconsin.