Clark County – Why Do We Need Broadband?

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Clark County!! [PLEASE SHARE] We need to show strong support for expanding broadband internet access to our county.

+ County would receive about $72,000 per year from Bug Tussel
+ It improves cellular services across the County.
+ High speed internet
+ 11,000+ residents would get better coverage
+ 300+ businesses would get better coverage
Cost to County: NOTHING – guarantee bonds to Bug Tussel Wireless for 30 years.

To help ensure broadband access, Clark County Economic Development Corporation and Tourism Bureau is working with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and partners statewide to roll out a simple internet speed test.

We are asking residents and businesses to take the test to help establish where support is needed. This test will help determine where internet speeds are below FCC standards and where the state needs to focus on building the broadband infrastructure.
It will only take a few moments and personal information is always protected and never shared.

Even those residents without internet access can help by logging onto the site from a friend’s home or the local library. Click on “Enter an address with No Available Service” to complete the survey.

Take the internet speed test.
It’s fast, easy and secure.

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