Fiber internet plans

Fiber optics is a wired internet technology that gives us access to a safer and faster internet connection. Unlike most wired internet connections which send data through pulses of energy, fiber technology sends data through pulses of light.

We currently have Fiber Projects in the following counties: Iowa, Kewaunee, Calumet, Waushara, Fond du Lac, Marathon, Jackson, Forest, and Oconto. If your location is not currently included, please reach out to your regional representative to let us know that you would like to be planned into a future route.

fiber optic plans

Bug 300

High-Speed Family

Great for large families who are working or attending school from home, gaming, streaming, high-res video, and operating a smart home system. The connection is capable of handling multiple users at once without issue or slow down even when handling large tasks

Download Speed: Up To 300Mbps



Bug 500

High-Speed Business

Great for large families or small businesses who are interested in running smart devices, video conferencing, running a large security network, having wi-fi operated equipment, and much more. The connection is capable of handling multiple users at once without issue or slow down even when handling many large tasks.

Download Speed: Up To 500Mbps



Bug 1000

Ultimate High-Speed

Great for moderate sized businesses who are frequently hosting multiple video conferences, emailing large attachments, running multiple internet based software, utilizing wi-fi connected equipment, operating a company security network, and much more. The connection is capable of handling large numbers of users and tasks at the same time without issue or slowdown.

Download Speed: Up To 1Gbps



*Notes Standard Pricing. For business pricing, contact your sales rep!

Fiber construction restoration

If you have questions regarding restoration of the properties that have had fiber recently installed contact


I’ve had three other internet providers and none compare to Bug Tussel. Bug Tussel is more reliable, faster, and lower cost than any of the others. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Sue Schambureck

I used to have a Satellite internet where we lived for 15 years. It was awful, and I had so much trouble. We switched to Bug Tussel, and I couldn’t be happier. The Internet speed is excellent, and customer service is fantastic. I share my experience with all my neighbors. Big Tussel rocks! Keep up the superb work!

Nilmi Barrtle

I highly recommend this Internet Service Provider. No contract. No data cap. Consistent internet
connection. I love it!

Brice T

I have been a Bug Tussel customer for over 5 years, and I simply love them. I have had no problems and had great internet services and customer service. I will not ever change internet companies and I appreciate all their service. Thank you, Bug Tussel and many more years, to come.

Peggy K

Your rural internet provider

Bug Tussel is the Midwest’s leading rural internet solution because our ever-growing network reaches more customers every day. Our technology also provides internet speeds that are as fast or faster than you’d find in bigger cities. At Bug Tussel, we do whatever it takes to bring fast, reliable internet to rural customers- connecting families, businesses, and entire communities.