R.O.A.D. program

Bring Bug Tussel to town

Rural. Open. Access. Design.

Bug Tussel is the largest wholesale provider of rural telecommunication services in the Upper Midwest. We are the catalyst to energizing communities, inspire commerce and increase opportunities for personal and professional development.

Bug Tussel can:

  • Provide broadband quickly
  • Install fiber infrastructure for the middle mile
  • Provide ubiquitous cellular service
  • Provide support for economic development
  • Provide evergreen high-capacity internet and electronic access at ever-increasing speeds

How can we do this?

Bug Tussel Wireless will provide a comprehensive broadband plan, prepared upfront, covering 10 years along with design and financing.

To ensure financial sustainability, Bug Tussel Wireless will finance this project through WPSC Grants, RDOF coordination, and opt-in bond issuance. This will lead to a net positive budget impact to the county.

Bug Tussel will provide an open network and collaborate with other providers, RDOF winners, critical community institutions, and local and state governments.

Plan components

  • Cellular for all – now
  • 25 Mbps download for all – now
  • Fiber Optic Middle Mile to communities aggregation points and critical community facilities – soon

  • Premise access at speeds of greater than 25Mbps or up to 100 Gbps or higher – 5 years

The financing sources

  • WPSC Grants

  • Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

  • Public Bond Issuances

  • Other Sources

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