The R.O.A.D. to Digital Equality Bond Project (Rural, Open, Access, Design)

Bug Tussel Wireless is the largest wholesale provider of wireless rural telecommunication services in the Upper Midwest. We are the catalyst to energizing communities, inspire commerce and increase opportunities for personal and professional development.

Bug Tussel Wireless CAN!

  • Provide broadband quickly
  • Install fiber infrastructure for the middle mile
  • Provide ubiquitous cellular service
  • Provide support for economic development through community education
  • Provide evergreen high-capacity internet and electronic access at ever-increasing speeds

How can we provide these services?

Comprehensive Plan

Bug Tussel Wireless will provide a comprehensive broadband plan, prepared upfront, covering 10 years along with design and financing.

Financing Plan

To ensure financial sustainability, Bug Tussel Wireless will finance this project through WPSC Grants, RDOF coordination, and statewide opt-in bond issuance. This will lead to a net positive budget impact to the county.

Open Access

Bug Tussel will provide an open network and collaborate with other providers, RDOF winners, critical community institutions and local and state governments.


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Jason Wied | 920.737.7016 |
Mitchel Olson | 715.820.2504 |

Prior to this year, Bug Tussel received 23 grants from the public service commission.

Grant Year Project Status
Oneida County – I 2015 Completed
Oneida County – II 2017 Completed
Florence County 2018 Completed
Oneida County – III 2018 Completed
Juneau County 2018 Completed
Green County 2018 Completed
Oneida County – IV 2018 Completed
LaFayette County 2019 Completed
Green Lake County 2019 Completed
Town of Deerfield 2019 Completed
Oneida County – V 2019 Pending
Kewaunee County 2020 Pending
Menominee County 2020 Pending
Forest County 2020 Pending
Green County 2020 Pending
Iowa County 2020 Pending
Florence County 2021 Pending
Fond du Lac County 2021 Pending
Iron County 2021 Pending
Wood County – SW 2021 Pending
Wood County 2021 Pending
Kewaunee County 2021 Pending
Forest County 2022 Pending

As of June 24, 2022, Bug Tussel received 11 more.

Grant Year Project Status
Green Lake County 2022 New
Oneida County 2022 New
Clark County 2022 New
Taylor County 2022 New
Jefferson County 2022 New
Wood County 2022 New
Jackson County 2022 New
Kewaunee County 2022 New
Rock County 2022 New
Marathon County 2022 New
Fond du Lac County / Town of Calumet 2022 New

In 2012, we partnered with 2 counties to issue bonds.

Bond Year Project Status
Fond du Lac County 2012 Completed
Adams County 2012 Completed

In 2021, we partnered with 5 counties to issue bonds.

Bond Year Project Status
Fond du Lac County 2021 Pending
Marathon County 2021 Pending
Waushara County 2021 Pending
Calumet County 2021 Pending
Jackson County 2021 Pending

In 2022, we partnered with 7 counties to issue bonds.

Bond Year Project Status
Jefferson County 2022 New
Iowa County 2022 New
Taylor County 2022 New
Oconto County 2022 New
Rock County 2022 New
Green Lake County 2022 New
Wood County 2022 New

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What is a Bug Partner?

Bug Tussel wants to be apart of every community that we serve. Part of this is partnering with local companies for mutual benefit. We supply each partner with a desk stand with referral cards for customers to take. When a new customer is referred by a Bug Partner, both the Partner and the referred customer receive a monetary bonus! We also commonly look to hold local events at these partner’s businesses to bring attention to both organizations.

If you would like to become a partner of Bug Tussel, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page! For questions, please contact your local representative.

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