Wireless internet

We offer several plans based on customers’ needs and bandwidth requirements. Select a plan below or contact your local business manager for recommendations and the best solution.

Wireless Internet plans

Bug 5

Mini Plan
(1-2 Devices)

Great for an individual interested in one or two connections and simple internet activities.

Download Speed: Up To 5Mbps



Bug 10

Basic Plan
(2-5 Devices)

Great for individuals or couples who enjoy a moderate amount of internet usage.

Download Speed: Up To 10Mbps



Bug 15

Family Plan
(5-10 Devices)

Great for families who love music and movies. This connection is capable of handling multiple connections with moderate usage at once.

Download Speed: Up To 15Mbps



Bug 25

Streaming Plan
(Multi-streaming Devices)

Great for families with multiple computers, phones, and TVs who enjoy family movie nights or engaging in various internet activities.

Download Speed: Up To 25Mbps



Bug 50

Gaming/Work-from-home (security/smart home devices)

Great for online gaming, home security, and smart home devices, and daily business functions. This connection is capable of handling multiple users at once with ease.

Download Speed: Up To 50Mbps



Bug 100

Small business

Great for small businesses, office security, guest networks, and daily business functions. This connection is capable of handling multiple staff and customer users at once with ease.

Download Speed: Up To 100Mbps



*Notes Standard Pricing. For business pricing, contact your sales rep!

We’ve got you covered

With over 550 live towers and counting, the Bug Tussel community is growing at a rapid pace. See our coverage map below. Chances are we have a tower close to your location and can easily install service.

If your community is outside tower range contact us to host a tower. You’ll be the first to get Bug Tussel in your community and could actually be paid to have a tower on your property. How cool is that?

Zoom in to see our interactive map!


I used to have a Satellite internet where we lived for 15 years. It was awful, and I had so much trouble. We switched to Bug Tussel, and I couldn’t be happier. The Internet speed is excellent, and customer service is fantastic. I share my experience with all my neighbors. Big Tussel rocks! Keep up the superb work!

Nilmi Barrtle

I’ve had three other internet providers and none compare to Bug Tussel. Bug Tussel is more reliable, faster, and lower cost than any of the others. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Sue Schambureck

We finally have internet service in the country without buffering. We now watch Netflix and Disney with no interruptions. Fast speeds for us!

Mike Wickman

I have been a Bug Tussel customer for over 5 years, and I simply love them. I have had no problems and had great internet services and customer service. I will not ever change internet companies and I appreciate all their service. Thank you, Bug Tussel and many more years, to come.

Peggy K

Your rural internet provider

Bug Tussel is the MidWest’s leading rural internet solution because our ever-growing network reaches more customers every day. Our technology also provides internet speeds that are as fast or faster than you’d find in bigger cities. At Bug Tussel, we do whatever it takes to bring fast, reliable internet to rural customers- connecting families, businesses, and entire communities.